WATCH: Tom Brady, Julian Edelman in "Going to Disney World" Ad

OK - let's first establish that neither I nor my wife are NFL fans. I will watch the odd game here and there, but I really have no loyalties to any team. I admit I am happy when the Seahawks from my native Northwest do well, but that's really about it. However, I can tell you without hesitation that I am NOT a Patriots fan, and the fact that they have won yet ANOTHER Super Bowl game is a bit nauseating to me. I mean, can't they get some kind of limits established like how the president can't win more than two terms in office? Anyway, it's done now, and quarterback Tom Brady and receiver Julian Edelman (who was named MVP of the game) are featured in this edition of the ever-popular "We're Going To Disney World" TV ads. No offense, guys, but I hope someone barfs on you on every ride. Have fun.



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