WATCH: Alicia Keys Drops New Song Post-Grammys

Alicia Keys is one cool chick, in my opinion. She not only has a marvelous voice, but she's a great songwriter and musician too. And while I'm sure she has strong convictions that she expresses in any number of ways, she does whatever she does quietly, maybe to avoid taking too much credit for the causes she supports. After taking a hosting turn at the Grammys (for which I saw few gripes about on social media, compared to Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, and other performers), Alicia sends out a beautiful song with a powerful message - an ode to good men that includes the lyrics "Your're just not like these other men out here/You just wanna hold me, and that's okay/Can I be a woman for you, babe, in a time when it's not allowed." Listen and decide for yourself.



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