Girl Scout Re-brands Cookies as "Momoas," Sell TONS

A girl scout is selling a TON of Samoa cookies by being super creative and using Aquaman himself!

Charlotte Holmberg of Colorado put shirtless Jason Momoa pictures onto the iconic Samoa boxes and re-branded them as "Momoas."

The 5th graders strategy is working, as she is a Top Cookie CEO for the Girl Scouts. Her mother, who works in marketing, helped her design the box.

Charlotte says moms, in particular, have been buying a lot of these (can you blame them?). Even guys are since he is Aquaman and a big character in Game of Thrones.

Jason Momoa has not publicly commented on this, but he's a good guy so he probably won't ask them to stop. As far as Warner Brothers and DC goes though... who knows.

More on this story here: Mashable

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