Boeheim's First Statement on Fatal Crash

It's coach Boeheim first full-week, since a tragic crash last week that left a man dead. He said that he is heartbroken over what happened, but has taken comfort in how CNY has reacted. He also was very emotional when speaking about the family and the man who died.

It was last Wednesday that Jorge Jimenez, 51, was hit and killed by the car Boeheim was driving. Jimenez was in a car that had crashed due to icy conditions. He got out of the car, which was disabled in the middle of a highway. Boeheim came upon the car, swerved to avoid it, and accidentally hit Jimenez. Police say Boeheim was not driving irresponsibly, was not distracted, and was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Ultimately, it looks to be a terrible, tragic accident. Here;s the full comments from Boeheim after Saturday's game...

The Jimenez family was upset that Boeheim coached so soon after the accident.

More on that in my after show podcast, Pat's Podcast, below! (If it isn't there yet, please check back... our systems are woefully slow)

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