Bacteria on an 8 Year Old's Hand After Playing Outside

NASTY. The germs that a kid can have on heir hands is a bit shocking. Researchers had an 8-year-old boy play outside, then press his hand onto a large Petri dish.

The results are... well, stomach turning.

From the TODAY SHOW, "Sturm believed the large white circle in the bottom right of the photo was Bacillus, which is commonly found in dirt. Some of the other white spots may be staph, or Staphylococcus, she said, while the yellow and orange spots may be yeast."

More here: TODAY

This makes me want to bath by 4 year old in Purell. STAT. Though, keep in mind, jsut because the pic looks nasty that doesn't mean the kid is unhealthy or in danger. We build immunities to these germs, and exposure is in a lot of ways a good thing for them.

Still, maybe we should all wash our hands more often. Check out the video...



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