World's Largest T-Rex Discovered! The Good Stuff 3-27-19

The largest T-Rex dinosaur fossil ever has been found in Canada. Scientists say it weighed nearly ten tons, was over 40 feet long, and lived about 66-million years ago. The massive dinosaur, nicknamed Scotty, is now on display at a museum in Saskatchewan. More here: National Geographic


Keanu Reeves helped several people get to their destination after their flight made an emergency landing in LA. He ended up renting a van, and had several people ride along with him. They all ended up bonding on the trip! Keanu even entertained people on the drive. YAHOO


CUSE: Les Misérables is at the Landmark Theater through Sunday! The updated version of the show has new staging and scenery, which you cna get a behind the scene look at on our Facebook page, below...


BING: BU has been given $1.7 million to help local school districts become Community Schools, which promote family engagement and support. BU wil use the money to give local schools the resources they need. WBNG

ROC: The City of Rochester is being honored at the NFL draft for theior 100th anniversary! Rochester was one of the original 14 teams that were part of the NFL's first season.The Rochester Jeffersons played from 1920 to 1925. On April 27th, Mayor Lovely Warren will announce the Buffalo Bills’ sixth round Draft pick, and there will be several local activities. 13WHAM


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