PSA: Stop Leaving Your Kids In The Car. Even If It's Only For "A Minute".

There's no such thing as a perfect parent. Mistakes are bound to happen here and there, and no two parenting styles are the same. However, there are certain things, in my opinion, that you should never do- for the safety of your kids- no matter how innocuous it seems. Yesterday, at Wegmans, I witnessed a parent risk her child's safety for her own convenience. You can read the full story below:


No matter what this mother's excuse was, when you're traveling anywhere with your kid, you're never away for "just a minute". In "just a minute", the kid could've easily choked on whatever he was eating. Toddlers aren't known to be the best listeners, and their motor skills are developing well enough at that point to get themselves out of the car seat and out the door. And of course, there's the worse case scenario: someone could've taken the child right out of the car.

It's happened before. But it doesn't have to. Reconsider "just a minute" and don't leave your kid in the car.

Photo: Getty Images

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