WATCH: Matt LeBlanc Admits Being Propositioned By Sharon Osborne

When it comes to Ozzy and Sharon Osborne, I am willing to believe pretty much anything these days. But I have to admit, hearing Matt LeBlanc's story was surprising. Matt was on Conan and says that he ran into Sharon at the Golden Globes and told her that he was a big fan of her husband's. According to Matt, Sharon says, "Oh, that's great! Maybe after this, you'll come back to the house for a threesome." Matt says he assumed she was "obviously, hopefully kidding." On The Talk, where Sharon is a co-host, she confirmed the story. She says, "I was ish-ish kidding. If he'd gone for it, I'd have called Ozzie and said, 'Listen...'" Watch and listen to both their stories below.



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