Firefighter Runs Half Marathon in Full Gear - The Good Stuff 4-9-19

A Pennsylvania firefighter ran a half marathon in his full gear. Ryan Robeson ran 13-miles in 50-pounds of firefighting gear in his hometown of Scranton as a dedication to the brave women and men who serve as firefighters. He finished in three and a half hours. ABC News

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A local Uber driver was honored by the company for helping a woman and her kids escape a domestic violence situation. Dustin Czarny helped the woman get to Vera House for help. Uber donated $500 to the organization in his name. NewsChannel 9

Mom's House, an organization in Endicott that watches kids while their single parents get their education, held a Paloozathon. The event raised over 27-thousand dollars for the non-profit and featured music, food, activities, and dancing. WICZ

A high school in Newark, New Jersey keeps their doors open on Friday nights to get kids off the streets. The Lights On program gives the kids plenty of activities to do in a safe space. Hundreds of them take advantage of it. Yahoo

Congrats to Fairport’s Paige Boyum! THe 10 year old rang the bell at the Golisano Children’s Hospital, completing her chemotherapy treatment! She was joined by several first responders who created an honor guard over the winter, flashing their lights outside the hospital to say hello to the kids. SHe was one of those children, and the honor guard came out to celebrate her huge accomplishment. 13WHAM

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