Adele Separates from Her Husband - Hollywood Headlines 4-22-19

Adele is getting divorced. She separated from her husband, charity CEO Simon Konecki, after rumors of a rocky relationship. Adele's spokesman confirmed over the weekend that have separated, but are still committed to raising their son together. Sources say things just didn't work out.


The founder of the Woodstock 50th anniversary festival says it is still happening, despite reports of a possible cancellation. People suspected that it may get canceled after the on-sale date for tickets was pushed back. Founder Michael Lang said that they are just rumors.


Gavin DeGraw is OK after face planting during his performance of the National Anthem at a hockey game. Just as he was finishing his rousing rendition of the Anthem, Gavin took a step back and put his foot on the ice, causing him to face plant in front of the packed house. He’s embarrassed, but OK.



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