Alabama Man Invites Widow To Join Him For Dinner - The Good Stuff 4-26

An Alabama man kept an elderly woman who was eating alone company. The viral video shows Jamario Howard noticing an elderly woman eating alone. She looked upset, and explained it would have been her and her husband’s 60th anniversary. That’s when he offered condolences and sat down with her to keep her company.

Bouquet of flowers

Marjorie sent us this good stuff: She wants to thank Mike, who works at the Holiday Inn Express in Cicero. A couple of weeks ago, a woman actually delivered a child at the hotel, but sadly the child didn’t make it. While that’s sad, Mike went above and beyond for the family. He sent flowers and snacks to the room, gave them discounts, and even went to the calling hours. The family consists of 6 kids, and have now moved into a home. Mike’s help was incredibly important to the family though and they thank him.

2 bridges in the town of Hancock were dedicated to 2 vets who made the ultimate sacrifice. Staff Sergeant Justin Whiting and Lieutenant Cameron Hall both served in Iraq and had strong ties to the community. They had a big ceremony yesterday, recognizing the men and their families.

A Montana father of three noticed he couldn't keep up with his kids so he decided to start losing weight. Jeremiah Peterson, weighing 290 pounds at 40 years old, took a hiking trip with his wife and three kids and couldn't keep up. So, using the KETO diet and a strict workout plan, he lost 92 pounds and looks amazing!

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