Avengers Earned HOW MUCH??? Hollywood Headlines 4-29-19

Avengers: Endgame is this week's top movie in the U.S. and Canada. It made over 350-million-dollars, which shatters the record for the biggest opening weekend in North American box office history. THe worldwide total was a record also: 1.2 BILLION Dollars!


Last night was the huge Battle of Winterfell on Game of Thrones. Don’t worry, no spoilers, but the battle took 55 days to shoot and 750 people were used to do it. It’s the longest battle sequence ever filmed, not only for TV but also movies. Check out more on how the scene was made here: Entertainment Weekly

American Idol last night: The singers did individual songs by Queen with help from Adam Lambert. They also performed duets from movies. Walker and Alyssa said goodbye as we are down to the final 6 on the show.


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