WATCH: 8yo Boy Rescues Sister, and Himself, from Carjacker - The Good Stuff

A brave little boy in Ohio saved the day when someone tried to steal the car he and his 10-year-old sister were in. 8 year old Chance and his sister were sitting in the backseat of their grandma’s car while she wheeled her sick daughter into a hospital. While they waited, a man jumped into the driver’s seat and started to drive away with the kids. Chance quickly opened the back passenger door, and pushed his sister out and tucked and rolled himself. They are both fine and are safe because of his quick thinking. NY Post


While a lot of us when to see Avengers last weekend, many kids at children’s hospitals aren’t able to. But that didn’t matter for kids at a Children’s Hospital in Chicago, where superheroes visited them for a special party. Volunteers stepped up and put on superhero costumes to entertain the kids by bringing the Avengers, and more, to them. Chicago Sun-Times

A local man is helping kids in CNY get the sports equipment they need. Youth S'portstock was created by Samuel Dancil ans was originally made to support kids in Puerto Rico after hurricanes ravaged their nation. It evolved into a local charity though, which has already donated more than $1,000 worth of sporting goods to four boys and girls clubs in Syracuse. Programs that were previously eliminated due to funding issues were able to be brought back, thanks to the donations. They have a fundraiser happening on June 1 at Sharkey's in Liverpool. CNYCentral

JOBS! Canopy Growth Corporation is bringing it’s hemp business to Binghamton. Just in case you didn’t know: Hemp is not a drug. It’s used to make everything from body care products to paper. County Executive Jason Garnar says it’s a big deal, and they could end up hiring thousands of people here in the Southern Tier. WBNG

JP Morgan Chase is giving Rochester over $400,000 to help local growth, and to help people improve their financial health. The funds will go toward the Community Wealth Building Department, which provides assistance to those who are interested in starting a small business, or need help with their personal finances. 13WHAM

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