Petition to Remake Final Season of Game of Thrones

As Game of Thrones comes to a close, a significant portion of the fan base is upset with how it’s turning out. After Sunday's episode "The Bells," an online petition went up on requesting that HBO remake the final season with competent writers. As of early today, the petition had over 370,000 thousand signatures.

I'm one of them. This season's writing has been dreadfully lazy. It feels like a Michael Bay movie, which is fine if you're seeing Transformers. That's not what Game of Thrones is, though. It's a super detailed show that previously had deep character and story development. This season chucked that right out the window and at this point, so much of this show makes no sense.

It's not what has happened in the show, for me, as much HOW it's happened. The writes should be ashamed.

Want to sign ti yourself? Click here:


ONE MORE THING: GoT actors give their opinions about the final 3 season and it's... revealing. Check that out:



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