Manlius Pebble Hill Receives $1 Million - The Good Stuff 5/24

Manlius Pebble Hill in DeWitt was the lucky recipient of a $1 million endowment from one of their graduates! John P. Lenore, a 1947 graduate, passed away, and left the large gift to the school. It was given by his widow on his behalf. The money will be used for scholarships.

A Purple Heart Vet and war hero was given a new, mortgage free smart home! Army Sgt. Rick Yarosh was severely hurt in 2006 during an attack while serving in Iraq. The Stephen Siller Tunnels to Towers Foundation, with the help of sponsors, built Yarosh and his family a handicap accessible home equipped with top technology.

A Boston man says someone broke into his home... and cleaned it. And, except for ignoring his kitchen, they did a pretty good job, including making origami roses with his toilet paper. Nothing was stolen or damaged, and they think perhaps a cleaning service went to the wrong house.

A woman who walks six miles to work everyday was given a new car! The woman is from Louisiana and walked six miles a day to her job at Walmart. She met a police officer who shared her story, and a local car dealer was inspired to help and donated the car. They also covered taxes, insurance, and registration to get her on the road.



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