DATING SEASON: Online Dating Turn-Offs and Turn-Ons

When we date, we want to show the best parts of ourselves and that’s especially important on dating apps. One of the hardest parts of online dating is nailing your bio, but a new survey offers some insight about the best things to include in your dating profile and what to avoid.

For example, humor goes a long way and more than half (51%) say it’s a turn-on to see people making jokes or being sarcastic in their bios. HOWEVER, dirty jokes are a don’t, with 68% saying they’re turned off by them.

If you’re into using emojis, you may want to reconsider because 80% of those surveyed say they don’t like it.

When it comes to pictures in your profile, DO NOT use a filter like the flower crown or dog tongue... and don’t pout, because 87% find those to be a turn off.

Some life choices are less attractive as well: smoking is the most undesirable habit with 43% voting it as a top no-go. Other undesirable qualities include being obsessed with the gym (38%), and being a prude (33%).

More info here: BUSTLE

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