Angry Mom Wants Everyone Without Kids Banned from Disney

This kom had a bad day. If you're a parent of a young child you've been there... well maybe not where she was ('cause DAMN) but you know it can be frustrating sometimes. 3 year olds have lots of questions, demands, emotions, and can test every ounce of your patience. They are also SUPER adorable and fun, BTW. Watching them grow, learn, and come up with some the things that come out of their mouths is the BEST.

I think every parent wants to take their kid to Disney World. it's magical place for them, and also a long day for mom and dad. Worth it, BTW. THis mom, however, had it. She was tired, and fed up. And she decided to take her frustration out on the world on the one place everyone seems to go to vent unreasonable complaints: facebook.

She was so angry about people without kids taking up space in Disney World that she said she thinks anyone without kids should be BANNED.

Yeah... NO. Overreact much? And the LANGUAGE she uses! WOW.

So below is her Facebook post. I warn you... this i NOT safe for work, or the living room when the kids are awake if they can read.

Check it out... it was put out on the other place people say regretful things, Twitter, below.

Also, get more info here: CBS News



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