WATCH: Heroic Oregon Teacher Disarms Suidical Student With A Hug


Guns in school is something most of us simply cannot imagine happening, but the vast number of shootings and deaths in schools force us to realize it's a reality. The actions that teachers have taken in these horrific situations proves at least to me that their desire to protect the kids in their care is absolute. That's why this video is so amazingly powerful to me.

This video was just released, but it's from this past May at a suburban Portland, Oregon high school. A distraught Angel Granados-Diaz hides a shotgun under their coat, but his classmates see it and begin leaving the school. Football and track coach Keanon Lowe gets hold of this student and walks him out into a hall, where the teacher disarms the student and hands the weapon to another teacher and then proceeds to hold the student in his arms. Lowe later said he told the student that he was there to save him, and that his was a life worth saving. These are the people who teach our children.


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