WATCH: Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson React With Tears To "Voice" Contestant


Tonight's episode of NBC's The Voice will have more emotional moments than usual. Taylor Swift is a Mega Mentor for Season 17 and she makes her first appearance tonight, and she and you will be feeling all the feels.

Taylor is helping coach Kelly Clarkson with contestant Melinda Rodriguez. Melinda reveals that she is singing Mariah Carey's Always Be My Baby because of her brother who was going through a heart transplant at the time she was competing. Apparently brother Cris is a MAJOR Tay fan, with all of her album names tattooed on him. So Kelly asks Melinda, "Why are you here?" Melinda tells her that her brother insisted, saying, "You can't leave (the show) because what if it (the Mega Mentor) is Taylor Swift?" So, Taylor and Kelly freak out and start crying and hugging Melinda. Check out the video here and definitely watch the show tonight at 8PM on Channel 3 to get the whole perspective. Anyone have a Kleenex?


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