Mom & Her List of Babysitter Demands for $100 Per Week Get Roasted

Unfortunately, Mary Poppins is not a real person. If she was, however, she'd probably steer clear of one mom whose crazy wish list for a babysitter made it to Reddit. After reading it, it's no wonder why the over-the-top demands included in her ad were thoroughly roasted.

The anonymous mom was looking for someone to care for her two 6-year-old daughters.

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The ad, which was shared from Facebook on the r/choosingbeggars thread Friday, asked that the sitter come to the mom's two-bedroom condo from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Although it's not clear how often they are meant to babysit, the pay for the nearly 12-hour days immediately had eyebrows raised: $100.

Then came the mom's long list of demands.

The sitter must provide food "Vegan Organic Food Only!!", be smoke free, submit a criminal background check that they pay for, be a woman, and "must work weekends with no notice."

You would think that a sitter who is working somewhere between five to seven days a week would make a fortune at this job.

But oh how wrong you would be. The pay for this prized position? One hundred dollars A WEEK. Not per hour or day. This parent is offering $100 A WEEK.

But don't worry -- she's fair and all. After six months, she'll consider bumping pay up to $150 per week.

"No you cannot sleep at my condo. No you cannot have friends over. No you cannot study/watch YouTube/be on your phone while on duty," she added.

People in the comments couldn't get over how ridiculous this mom was being.

"Why would you expect a sitter coming to your house to provide food for your kids?"one commenter wondered.

"I will never understand how people could leave their children in the care of someone who is willing to accept $1.66 an hour," someone else wrote.

"And you get a fifty dollar raise after six months! Who on earth could possibly find this anything other than a great deal -- looking after two kids for 100 bucks a week and accommodating their mother's frankly insane demands will surely be balanced out by the fact that you get your weekends free...oh, wait," a third person teased.

Maybe potential sitters should point out that $400 a month is not likely going to pay their rent -- and for that little money she should be providing them with all the vegan organic treats she can offer.

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