Mom Blasted for Putting Fake Nails on Her Baby

I think we all try really hard not to judge other moms and how they take care of their children... But this is a bit much.

A mom posted a photo of a baby's hands with long, pointy fake fingernails on social media and people lost their minds. She also advertised that she could do your baby's nails too... cheap!

Of course people freaked out. I mean, those things are like claws! Babies are always scratching themselves with their natural nails that get all jagged and sharp as it is, these are just... I don't know... Why not give her a little knife to play with?

I tend to question whether or not this is even real... It's hard to believe someone would do this to a baby, let alone put it on the internet. Then again, some people really are that crazy!

Source: Daily Mail