Shocking Video Shows Car Doing Doughnuts On the Beltway in Maryland

Traffic came to a complete standstill in the middle of the Outer Loop of the Beltway near College Park on Saturday night, as the driver of a sports car proceeded to do doughnuts for several minutes. According to witnesses on Twitter, a line of cars came to a stop before the sports car started spinning... It was a coordinated effort.

According to WTOP, the Maryland State Police responded to the incident, but no arrests were made.

All I gotta say is wow... Not just that this happened... But that nobody was arrested. That's a little scary... That people can just do something completely crazy like this without consequence. As someone who has received some speeding camera tickets in the mail for going a couple miles over the limit, this ticks me off. Going a little faster than the low speed limit that was probably set low so they could make money, and endangering nobody... pay up. Spin doughnuts like madman in the middle of a highway, go on your merry way.

Anyone else want to know why the driver wasn't cited for reckless driving at minimum?