PODCAST: Houston Women with Dana Tyson & Suzan Nguyen

Meet Suzan Nguyen, our latest #HoustonWomen guest! Suzan is an active listener on Sunny 99.1 and that's how she met Dana! After talking for a bit on the show, Dana really enjoyed Suzan's joyful energy that she invited her to be part of the Houston Women podcast.

Suzan was involved in a pretty traumatic car accident were she lost her right arm. Because of this, Suzan went through an extremely dark/negative time in her life. After many years of being depressed, Suzan came into a turning point and decided that she needed to try to move on and #BeBetter.

Now, Suzan is a Happiness coach and goes around different cities to spread positivity. She owns a non-profit Houston support group called #BeBetter Group - their mission is to bring people together, to be able to provide hope, to provide resources and tools to help.

Listen or watch her interview below.

Check out our Zoom interview with Suzan on Sunny's Facebook.

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