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Dana Tyson

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Wednesday Morning Recap

-$19 Million Winning Lottery Ticket Sold In Willis Still Unclaimed (LINK)

-Newest Episode OF Dana's Houston Women Podcast With Dr. Sanaz Harirchian (LINK)

-Viral Video Of Naked Woman Walking Into Turkey Leg Hut (LINK)

-73-Year Old Grandpa Saves Woman From Attacker (LINK)

-FDA Warns Against Marinating Chicken In Nyquil As Seen On TikTok (LINK)

-Lots Of People Excited About The Return Of McDonald's Halloween Happy Meal Buckets (LINK)

-Nearly Impossible Question: 45% of us lie about THIS on our resumé. What is it?

(***Our education***)

-NIQ Winner: Melo F. in Cypress won tickets to see Joshua Bell and The Houston Symphony at Jones Hall!

-Half Of Americans Love Getting Free Promotional Swag From Brands (LINK)

-Name That Tune Winner: Eric C. in Meyerland won tickets to see Billy Joel for identifying We Didn't Start The Fire in seven notes!

-Battle Of The Burbs Winner: Teresa L. in Katy won tickets to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra!


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