Restaurant Wants 1 more hour; Neighbors Say No

Pastificio is a little Italian joint in Fayetteville. They are only open until 8pm weekdays and 9pm Fridays and Saturdays. 

The owner, Jenn Polak, wants to close an hour later because customers have a tough time getting there after work. Plus, as a restaurant owner myself, 9pm and 10pm are just more ideal times.  

This doesn't seem like a big deal right? Well, neighbors who live around Pastificio don’t want this to happen. They are concerned about traffic and noise, essentially. 

To me, that’s ridiculous. No one likes their piece and quite more than me, I promise you. But we’re talking about 1 hour here.

They aren’t busing the kids in from the hill after the game LOL. 

On the flip side: I bet it is hard to keep a village, like Fayetteville, great. I mean the rules that exist are there for a reason. 

It’s like living in a gated community. Every house is immaculate. The neighborhood is super safe. It feels nice to be there. But paint your door red and all hell breaks loose with your homeowners association! Kind of how I see this situation. Is this a big deal? No (shouldn’t be anyway). But they probably feel like if you give an inch they will take a mile. 

That’s what’s nice about living in a place like I do, Clay. There’s no HOA… but the neighborhood is really nice and safe. Granted… we have THAT neighbor. The one who never mows their lawn and has had a rusted out car rotting in their driveway for years… and it’s annoying. But I don’t have to ask permission to paint my door red, or something.  

For this situation, in my opinion… give them the inch. It’s 1 hour. If this is a major issue then why do you live there? It’s not easy to move, but why live somewhere that makes you so miserable that THIS is a major problem for you? Try a gated community, you’d love it. filed this story, which yo should check out:

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