Family Kicked off Jet Blue Flight Over B-Day Cake?


A New Jersey family is considering a lawsuit after being booted from a Jet Blue flight for having a birthday cake with them. They refused to move the cake and were taken off the flight, but officials concluded they were not in the wrong.

More on this story here: Chicago Tribune

Ya know, flying is scary for adults, let alone kids. From the time you enter the airport with all the security and stress, let alone flying itself being scary... it's a lot for a kid. 

I get there are rules. A flight attendant pushed the issue here, and I know they have a tough job. But can you not have some context? 

It's a birthday cake. I have no idea how they even got it on the flight but fine, they did. Do we need to cause a scene over it when there are kids involved? Or at all, ever? 

It's like the seat thing... we heard a story last week of a family being kicked off a flight because of overbooking. They needed one of their seats, but they were all flying together. Why pick the family? I don't care if it's "random", don't pick them. It's pointless drama.   

Pat McMahon

Pat McMahon

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