The Facts About "Last Man Standing"

Let me begin with the following disclaimer: I don’t have a problem with the show “Last Man Standing” and generally like Tim Allen. 

A lot of people are upset ABC cancelled the show, and several conservative outlets have claimed it was cancelled because the show caters to a conservative audience. 

That might be true. I don’t know. 

What I know is many people keep saying it had solid ratings, and thus politics had to be why the “liberal ABC Network” axed it. Again, that's possible.

Let me show you the facts about “Last Man Standing” and its ratings. Do with it what you will. Go here and look at the show’s ratings:

Here’s what it says: It’s the 12th rated show on ABC. It has a little more than half the audience of their top show, “Modern Family,” in the main demographic (the money demo, where most people have disposable income), and is down 5% since last year. 

That’s not solid ratings, factually. 

Now I can get into the deep end on this, but to keep it simple: the show isn’t getting ratings where it matters, which is the main demographic, which does NOT care about political leanings. That’s probably why it was cancelled. 

I could be wrong, of course. And again… I’m not rooting for it to be cancelled and I have no reason to be fan or enemy of ABC. I’m just giving you the actual facts here. 

NOW THAT BEING SAID: Why, for the love God, were “Agents of Shield” and “Once Upon a Time” renewed? Talk about a ratings suck… 

Well, “Agents of Shield” connects with the larger Marvel Universe, a multi-billion dollar machine for Disney (ABC’s parent company). Because of the money involved, they can justify it’s existence for a bit longer (though probably not much longer).

For “Once Upon a Time” I’m not sure. It’s been a big winner for them in the past though, so I think they are giving them a season to wrap it up, fair or not. 

Point is: maybe they disagree with the show’s politics. But also, maybe it just didn’t get the ratings and income needed to justify it’s existence and paying everyone on the show. Tim Allen, after all, ain’t cheap (and he shouldn't be).

Pat McMahon

Pat McMahon

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