Toddler Killed in Hit and Run

Jameisha Stanford

WSYR: Police are still looking for the man that killed a Syracuse toddler, following a hit and run Saturday.

Officers say an out of control gold Honda, being driven by an a Hispanic man in his twenties, 5'9" tall, and wearing all black clothing, jumped the curb on Shonnard Street and careened into a family playing with chalk. Two-year-old Jameisha Stanford died from her injuries. Her father and one-year-old brother were hurt and needed to be taken to the hospital; they've since been released.

Officers say they quickly found the car but the driver was nowhere to be found.

This is all my opinion, so please take it as such. Having a 2 year old myself, this hits a nerve in me. 

I want you, the person who did this, to understand something: You're a bad person. In case you were wondering. Yes, you are. 

You killed a toddler. This wasn't an accident. The toddler was in her yard, with her father and sibling doing what any toddler would be doing with her family. 

You took a life. An innocent, beautiful life. I'm going to guess you were probably on drugs and/or alcohol. If not, then you weren't supposed to be driving. If not either of those, then you panicked... but that's no excuse. You're still a bad person, because the minute you ran you admitted so. 

And it's not just the literal life you took. You have potentially ruined a family. I don't know these folks, and I don''t know what they will do next. What do you do next? I hope I never personally have to answer that question. I hope you, who are reading this, don't either.

I probably can not imagine what these poor people are feeling. I can't imagine how this might affect them as a family, let alone individually.  

And you, person who did this and ran, you are at fault.

You can do one thing now: turn yourself in and plead guilty. It's the only reasonable thing to do.

And for those protecting or helping this person hide... I want you to understand as well: you are just as bad. You are all bad people. 

And I've heard it too many times from you all, so let me cover it for you, family and friends of this person: 

"You don't know them." I don't need to, they killed a toddler. 

"Everyone makes mistakes." No, they don't. They don't kill people. 

"It's not their fault, they're an addict." Life is a series of choices, and while addiction is a serious problem, it doesn't excuse you from anything.

Here's, I'm sure of it, what one of you will say, stupidly: "Why was she so close to the road? You don't know the whole story." Bull. They were on the sidewalk: that's not where cars go. And ya know what? You're in a neighborhood. You always have to be on the lookout for kids, pets, even adults. 

Turn this person in. It's the only reasonable thing to do. 

Pat McMahon

Pat McMahon

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