The Fair's Eye Sore Needs to Step Up

(Someone please get me a better picture by the way... one of the tower. You know what I'm talking about...)

This article from NewsChannel 9 by a man named John Capozzi echoes what I've been saying since I moved here to CNY. 

John is concerned about how the manufacturing building next to the Fair, Crucible, looks to the 1 million people visiting every year.

I'll tell you how it looks John, which I think you'll agree: embarrassing

The plant is important. Please do not misunderstand my intentions here. 

They employ 200 people... who reportedly do well. That's a great thing. 

They claim, and I believe them, that they bring in over $30 million to the local economy. 

Those 2 points are exactly why I've never thought it should be shut down, forced to move, etc. Here comes the but...

They claim they can not afford costly outdoor renovations and are focused on keeping those 200 jobs in CNY. To that, I call shenanigans. 

All we’re asking for is a coat of paint, kids. You do employ people, and add millions to the economy… but your private, for profit business that employs 200 people is an absolute embarrassment to the ENTIRE area. 

Crucible is a reminder to us, and our visitors, of our failed industrial past. It looks like every abandoned steel plant across the North East... only it's actually open, which is good and that's obviously fine... but it is next to the 1 tourist attraction we really have. All do respect to Destiny.  

As a transplant who grew up in Buffalo, I know exactly what this building says to the world based solely on it's looks: that we are stuck in the past. That we don't care about our guests. That we are dirty people. 

To those who think that, they of course can shove it because that's how we roll... but, let's be honest with each other and call this plant what it is, and recognize the importance of it beautifying.   

Ya ever throw a party at your home and have to apologize because the neighbor's home is absolutely disgusting? And you explain to your guests that you've gone to the town about the house, and they are working on getting them evicted. You don't want those people to lose their home, you just want them to pick their junk up, or face consequences... right?

That's all we are asking of Crucible, who is that neighbor. It's time for the government to step in here and make some ultimatums, or get them help, or both. 

Crucible, thank you for employing people and for being a part of our economy. Now paint the buildings, and instead of looking like part of our failed past, make yourselves look great and prove you’re part of our future.

More on this story, and the article I'm referring to, here:

Listen to our conversation this AM below... 

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