For Those Who Don't Watch The Super Bowl: D's Take

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Last night, millions of viewers across the country tuned into the most hyped-up sporting event of the year- and just like with any major national event, there's always the alternative crowd. Which happened to be the crowd I (unintentionally) happened to fall into this year.

Now, I'm a casual football fan: I'll watch whatever game is on, I understand how the game is played, and I know which teams I like (#Go Bills). However, I can't tell you specifics- for example, who the Saints coach is, or who most of the players on the team are, and what position they play (with the exception of QB Drew Brees- Super Bowl XLIV made me a fan). And I can understand why people get so excited over the Super Bowl, because at its core, it's a community event that brings people together. Every year, so many people temporarily switch their loyalties for one night, just to cheer on a champion during the big game. And even if they can't decide who to root for, or if they simply can't break their trust for their home team, at least there's good company (and food).

So, with all this being said, why didn't I join the festivities? I didn't watch a single second of the game, the performances, or the commercials. I even missed the Puppy Bowl. My first and immediate excuse is that I don't own a TV.

"But D, there's like 30 million different ways to stream the game online!" Yes, yes there is. And you know what else is online? 30 million other things to distract me from the Super Bowl. Like this webcomic I found, with this snippet that accurately sums up every conversation I'm going to have today:

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For the past few years, I've also hosted a Super Bowl party of some variety. By 10 pm yesterday, I was relieved that I didn't have to prep, host, or clean up anything- and that I was perfectly content catching up on sleep instead of forcing myself to stay awake for the 4th quarter. None of my friends were hosting parties either, so it made my decision to stay in bed all day even easier.

It's not a requirement to watch the Super Bowl, or any other major sporting event. No matter how people react to your choice not to tune in, they can't force you to get into an event that doesn't interest you. On that same note, don't put people down for watching the game, either. It's their final celebration of a season filled with trials and triumphs- much like you or others might have a viewing party for the Oscars, or the finale of The Bachelor. So don't feel bad if you didn't watch the game- I'm sure the same folks in shiny spandex pants will be back with another rousing show next year.


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