GOOD STUFF:Downtown Syracuse Dining Weeks Has Begun

Syracuse Dining Weeks

The 14th annual Downtown Syracuse Dining Weeks has officially begun. This year restaurants will serve lunch specials for $10 or less and dinner options for $25 or less. Also a partnership with the Food Bank is new this year. If you bring a non-perishable food item to any parking garage near Clinton Street you can park for just $5 beginning at 5pm. Dining Weeks also has the “Spot the Chef’s Hat” contest this year. If you spot a chef's hat in the restaurant you can email the picture to downtown syracuse and you could win prizes. This event runs everyday till February 28th. You can see the full list of restaurants participating on our Facebook page.

The whole list is here: News Channel 9  

Photo: Downtown Committee Of Syracuse

Puppy and Mother

A woman adopted the same dog her family gave up as a child. Nicole Grimes was 10 years old when her grandma surprised her with an adorable puppy. Sadly her dad needed to work from home and the new puppy was barking constantly and had to go up for adoption. Eight years passed by. One day, Nicole was scrolling Facebook when she noticed a photo of a senior dog who needed a new family. She instantly felt a connection to the sweet-looking grey-haired pup and It didn’t take long to sense that something was very familiar about her. Nicole took the dog back to the shelter to scan her microchip and to her surprise it was the same dog she had when she was 10. 

Bill Wins $1 Million

A couple won $1 million dollars after losing everything in a fire. Bill Pendergast and his wife lost their home and all their belongings two years ago in a forest wildfire. But when they were visiting Bill’s father they went to the store to get some soda and picked up a lottery ticket on a whim. The next morning he scratched it and was shocked to find he was a new millionaire! The couple says they’ll spend most of the money to take a family vacation with their five sons and finish construction on their new house. 

Valentine's Day Cards

An 8th grader made over 800 handwritten Valentine’s Day cards for her fellow classmates. Cora Johansen wanted to make sure no one in her Middle School was left out of this Valentine’s Day. So she left notes on each and every locker at the school, along with some candy. She felt making a Valentine for everyone at school was just the right thing to do. And while she didn’t get to witness the reactions from classmates first-hand, her fellow students appreciated the kind gesture.

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