Is This The Most Important Show On Right Now?

The Roseanne re-boot is a ratings hit. The premiere was watched by more than 18-million people and is the highest-rated comedy on any network in nearly four years. 

Pat’s Take: I think “Roseanne “ is the single most important thing on TV right now. 

We are all so very much divided, and a lot of that comes from, in my opinion, not actually listening to people. 

Roseanne makes you see things from different perspectives in a real and authentic way that nothing else does… it always has. It never turns away from touchy subjects and always delivers with a perspective we all can understand and even support. 

The first episode of the reboot shows exactly how ridiculous some of us are in our own families when it comes to fighting about politics, while bringing it all back to what actually matters: family, and the people you love. THAT is what we seem to forget so often today. We have parents and their adult (or not) children fighting about Trump and Hillary to a point where some have let it ruin their family… and that’s stupid. 

There’s a reason people believe what they believe. Sometimes we disagree, but people believe these things usually not because of evil reasons. They have the best of intentions. That doesn’t make them bad… it also does not make them right, either. 

But stop focusing on if the people you love are right and start working on why they think it, understanding it, and using that to have a conversation that’s healthy and gets your point of view out too. 

Never be devout to anything but your family, even when you disagree. Because they are what matters. They are forever. Politics and presidents are only temporary. 

Pat McMahon

Pat McMahon

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