High Winds Coming; Tie Down All The Things

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A High Wind Warning is in effect for Onondaga County tomorrow. It's essentially everything here and North with a warning, while there's an advisory for everyone South on Syracuse. 

We'll get gusts up to 60 MPH. It should be over by Wednesday night, but if you have anything outside you might want to bring them in. 

More on this from Dave Longley and NewsChannel 9, CLICK HERE

Pat's take: My garbage cans always end up going on a field trip to our neighbor's house. They never talk to us. I wonder why? 

The biggest thing that worries me are these gigantic trees we have on our property. This is going to sound weird, but I hate them LOL. I like trees, but these giant pines are nothing but trouble for us, and it's SO EXPENSIVE to remove them. Check it out... and this is just one of them...

Like I just don't get it any more. Anything done to a home or property quickly becomes $3000 now, and I just don;t know how people afford homes. I realize it's a dangerous job, and it could cost me more if they come down from the wind... but seriously. Costs have skyrocketed. 

I got a quote for sealing my house off from pests the other day and it was nearly $4000. Just to seal a home. I don't own a mansion for crying out loud! I live in Clay! Anyway, I hope the storm doesn't do too much damage to you and yours. 

I suppose I'll go bring my garbage cans in now... 

Pat McMahon

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