Friday The 13th Superstitions Around The World

Happy Friday the 13th! It's one of two happening this year (the other one is in July), and it's fair to say that many of us might be a little cautious with our actions today. Whether it's making sure not to step on cracks on the way to work, or being extra careful around mirrors, the lore around the infamous date is widespread in popular culture here in the US. Around the world, various cultures have their own superstitions based on their own traditions. Here's a few of the stranger ones, and you can read the full list here: Good Housekeeping

In Germany you never say cheers with water because it means you are wishing death on the people you are drinking with.

If you’ve got an itchy right hand, people in Turkey say that means you are coming into money. Unfortunately, an itchy left hand means you are going to be losing money soon.

Don't wear red during a storm in the Philippines. It's believed that the color red attracts lightning.

Egyptians believe that owls are bad omens. If you see or hear one you will be receiving bad news soon. Italian superstition says that if an owl ends up in your house, someone in your family will die. 

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