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A couple in Camillus are taking their 30 year old son to State Supreme Court to evict him. 

Mark Rotondo, the father of 30 year old Michael, wrote him several letters asking him to leave, and offers multiple times to provide financial assistance. Yet, his son remains in the home. 

See the letters and read the full story here:

Pat's take: First off, I assume this 30 year old has a lot of spite in his heart for his parents. Just my opinion. I mean, why else would he continue to live here, assuming he doesn't have some sort of problem.

Can I just point this out though, with all due respect? In my outside, not knowing the entire situation (because how could I?) POV... these parents failed. It's OK. That doesn't (necessarily) make them bad people, or even bad parents. Sometimes I think people have children who are above their pay grade... they just never really understand them, and don't know how to relate to them either. So they become adults who do things like this. 

For this reason, I do not at all feel sorry for this family. In fact, I think its ridiculous that not only they're taking their own kid to court, but also clearly, IMO, the family made this a news story. What kind of family would put themselves out there like this? What good will come of it? All that will result is everyone judging them, one way or another.

Now maybe they didn't do it. Maybe the son did. Maybe a family member or friend did it. Regardless not a good move.   

The first step in moving forward with your life is acceptance and recognition of your failings. 

BTW: For the entitled kids crowd I get ya BTW... but remember... WE gave them this entitlement when we gave them everything while teaching them little, and magically expecting our kids to be humble. It factually does not work that way. YOU dropped that ball. And it is OK... it happens. I will have the same problem with my kid. The key is accepting it and admitting it.  Not hating an entire generation, which gets us nowhere. 

Your thoughts?

Pat McMahon

Pat McMahon

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