1 Tweet Can Cost Any Of Us Our Jobs, and More

1 Tweet.. 1 Facebook post, 1 Instagram picture can cost you your job. That's what Roseanne Barr just showed us. That's the one thing I want everyone to learn from all of this. 

Let's put politics aside for a second and look at how this applies to each and every one of us... 

Roseanne is obviously a celebrity, so what she does and says is certainly seen by WAY more than the rest of us. So, her 1 one tweet was seen by millions and here we are. But the exact same thing can still happen to you. 

Many people seem to not understand the simple concept that freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequence. Agree or disagree, it's a fact. Many people spew all sorts of negative, hateful, and if nothing else rude things on the internet. They do it thinking there will be no consequences because for some reason typing it behind a computer screen is OK vs. saying it in public.

A lot of you have experienced this: You go to a gathering with co-workers, friends and/or family and there's that one person there who has been spewing things on Facebook. This person is always shocked when people confront them in person, as if they were anonymous. They say things like, "it's just Facebook." As if what they say or represent online doesn't matter or isn't who they really are.

Maybe that's true, but the consequences are real. You are NOT anonymous. It is NOT JUST Facebook. It's a representation of who you are, like it or not. 

Employers see this stuff. They ABSOLUTELY look at your social media files during the interview process and even before hand. And it doesn't stop there. They definitely see your posts while you are employed, and while they may not act on it they will the minute one person you work with complains, and fire you.  

You could lose your job if a person you don't work with calls your company to complain or make them aware of your online rhetoric. 

If your company sees questionable or worse online postings from you they could even stop you from advancing. 

You can talk a big game about lawsuits and lawyers, but the truth is you won't be able to afford them, and they will drag you through every mud puddle there is.

It goes even further... 1 social media post is all it takes to not only lose your job, but more importantly friends and family. So many people have been alienated online because of things people they care about say. I ask... is that worth it? Is your relationship with a person or people worth your opinion on something? My hope is you're honest answer is no.. but clearly that's not how most people think.

Furthermore... think of all the people affected by this. Hundreds of cast and crew are out of jobs. Could you do that? Maybe... but more importantly you losing your job over a tweet affects your family and the people who depend on you. It's just not worth it, in my opinion.  

Like Roseanne, we all need to think harder about what we are going to say online because it could cost you, dearly. It only takes 1 to turn your world upside down, and you don't have to be a celebrity to have it happen.    


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