Starbucks Launching PSL Hotline

The Pumpkin Spice Latte is officially back at Starbucks for 2020. But the coffee chain is looking out for those devotees and giving them a taste of autumn with a new Pumpkin Spice Latte hotline. Starbucks just shared the phone number for it, first in a closed Facebook group for fall-lovers called the Leaf Rakers Society, then in posts on Instagram and Twitter.

“There’s a secret number you must call, to get your very first taste of fall,” the post reads. In a comment, Starbucks explains that the hotline is for fans to enjoy all the fall feels, no matter where they are. That secret number is 1-833-GET-FALL, which is 1 (833) 438-3255, but what do you get when you dial it? A recording that offers options for autumn-related soothing sounds. Think ASMR for PSL super fans.

The options include “Endless PSL Perfection” where you’ll hear someone ordering a Pumpkin Spice Latte and the barista creating it. Here’s the full rundown:

  1. "Head out on a hayride."
  2. "Practice your pumpkin mantras."
  3. "Cozy up with your cup."
  4. "Hear flannel on repeat."
  5. "Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew Falls"
  6. "Endless PSL Perfection"
  7. "Lovely leaf-crunching stroll"
  8. "Knit sweaters with grandpa."

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