Pumpkin Spice Hard Seltzer Is Here

People can’t get enough of their pumpkin spice-flavored things, but we may have just reached peak pumpkin spice. We’ve seen the fall flavor on everything from Pringles to hummus, but brace yourself because the latest product to get the pumpkin spice makeover is ... hard seltzer. Yep, go ahead and roll your eyes because VIVE Hard Seltzer has announced they’re going there.

The company says they’re “tying into America’s love affair with pumpkin spice” and is releasing limited-edition six packs of the seasonal spiked beverage. If it sounds like a joke, it’s one that the boozy brand is in on. “VIVE Pumpkin Spice is likely going to be laughed at initially,” says Jake Rouse, co-founder and CEO of VIVE’s partner company, Braxton Brewing Company, “but when you try it, you’ll quickly understand why we’re thrilled to launch!”

So what does this stuff taste like? According to Rouse, it has “an incredible aroma” with hints of anise, cinnamon and of course, pumpkin. If you’re brave enough to sip one, VIVE’s Pumpkin Spice Hard Seltzer will be sold at Krogers in Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee starting in September.

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