Study Finds New "Rules of the House" We've Added Because of COVID

If it feels like 2020 turned you into a full-on germaphobe, you're not alone. And a new study found it's changed our habits at home too. 2,000 parents were asked if they've added any new "rules of the house" because of the pandemic. Here are the four most-common house rules we've added this year:

1. You have to wash your hands as soon as you walk in the door. 59% of families try to follow that one now.

2. Cleaning doorknobs and other high-contact surfaces on a regular basis, 49%.

3. If you're around a lot of people, you have to shower as soon as you get home, 48%.

4. Wiping down packages before you open them, 43%.

The poll also looked at the top normal rules we've RELAXED about, because who has the energy?

The top five rules we let slide right now are eating in front of the TV, letting kids stay up past their bedtime, dirty clothes on the floor, phones at the dinner table, and always putting the toilet seat down.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images