Grandmother's Headstone Includes Famous Fudge Recipe

When someone dies, their headstone usually expresses what they are loved for, like being a great husband or wife, or great mom. But apparently one Utah is being remembered in a much more unique way. 

Utah grandmother Kathryn “Kay” Andrews passed away in December, 2019 at the age of 97, and when she was buried next to her husband Wade Andrews the family included a very special addition to her headstone – her famous fudge recipe.

Apparently it was Kay herself who wanted the recipe inclusion. When her husband Wade died in 2000 she and her five children picked a photo to put on his headstone, but when the children asked Kay what she wanted on hers, she chose her fudge recipe. "She really loved people," Janice Johnson, Kathryn's daughter, told KSTU. "She would write poetry, and she would take fudge whenever people got together."

Photos of the gravestone recently went viral, and her family thinks Kay would be happy about it. Her youngest granddaughter Emily notes, "I think she would be thrilled that people can have a taste of her recipe. That's what she was all about, sharing with people, so I think she would love it."