Spa School


Come to our spa school! A place to gain a comprehensive understanding of products and maintenance. 

It's time to create some spa-side memories and BioGuard makes it simple. 

Knowing what to do and when to do it is the key to great water, but also to preventing problems that lead to more money and frustration. Let our Spa School experts teach you how to properly care for your spa. 

A representative from BioGuard will join us. 

Time: 6pm-8pm 

Date: Thursday, Nov. 2nd 

Location: 6802 Manlius Center Road, East Syracuse 

Spa owners and people considering a spa purchase are welcome. 

RSVP by October 31. 

Call Amanda at 315-463-7727 $10 gift certificate per household for all who attend 20-30% off chemicals and accessories during this event. Refreshments will be served 

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