Wegmans opening a 2 story store. Why?

Sunday will mark a big day for Wegmans Food Markets.

A new two-story Wegmans inside a mall in Natick, Masschusetts. The store is about 20 miles southwest of Boston.

The 146,500-square-foot location features the grocery store on the first level and restaurants, a bar and more on the second floor.

A cart conveyer system carries customers to the second story, where the Burger Bar and Blue Dalia Restaurant & Tequila Bar will soon open.

On the second level, customers will find The Burger Bar and Buzz Coffee Shop, an incredible variety of restaurant-quality prepared foods with ample seating, fresh produce, bakery, seafood, meat, cheese, deli, and charcuterie, catering, and a floral shop. Blue Dalia Restaurant & Tequila Bar opens there on Friday, May 4. The ground level encompasses natural foods, grocery, dairy, bulk, and frozen items, along with health and wellness, home and entertaining, and an unmatched selection of wine, liquor, and beer.

The store is scheduled to open at 7 a.m. Sunday, April 29.

But here's my question....when did grocery shopping become an 'experience'? I love Wegmans. But 99.9% of the time, I just need to get my groceries. You have to put your cart on a conveyor belt!! 

Can we just get self-checkout in Irondequoit pleeeeeeeese! 

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