We Were Hacked: The Importance of Internet Security

You may have noticed we've been gone for a while from the world of Facebook. For the past 5 months, Y94 has been consistently trying to grow our brand on social media and Pat McMahon in the morning has particularly been producing content we think you, the listener, will enjoy. Whether it be posting interesting articles on Facebook, creating Facebook Live videos, Memes, or Updates on #FatPat or #TheGoodStuff segments, we understand that to exist in the modern world as a publisher you need to be on and engaged with people on social media.

We have tried to make our platforms a fun place for you to get information, entertainment, or just voice an opinion and hear back from us. 

However, on April 12th, we were hacked by an unknown person or entity that proceeded to change our Facebook name to "KurdEye". We didn't know what had happened, how it had happened, or how exactly to fix the situation. As we're sure anyone who has been in a social media hacking situation understands, there's a lot of confusion and fear that whoever hacked your account will do something bad like send inappropriate content or somehow get a hold of others who interact with the account and hack them as well. 

Because of this we decided to take down the page altogether. This was done as a safety precaution so that we could find out what to do next and hopefully resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

That was not the case, unfortunately. Long story short, we sat out 3 1/2 weeks of our page reactivating, deactivating, and getting multiple notifications that our name change requests (to get rid of "KurdEye" and get back to "Y94") had been denied. 

We we're definitely stressed out about the situation to say the least. 

Today we FINALLY we're able to get our name back after the near month of contacting Facebook asking for the simple name change.


As Pat says: "If a multi-billion dollar large, massive, corporation like our can get hacked.... it can happen to you".

We wanted to make sure we address the issue with you, our listeners, as we're sure you may have been confused as to where we had gone and why. But we ALSO want to stress internet security and safety. 

We all rely very heavily on social media these days, people and businesses alike. Hackers can take advantage of this and make life incredibly difficult for people who simply want to use Facebook or any social media platform. 

Make sure to protect yourselves online, take care of your information you put online, and frequently change your passwords!

We're very happy this ordeal is over with, but we are now more vigilant than ever to protect our brand. And we want to make sure that we spread the message of internet security to everyone we can!

Be safe out there everyone!



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