LIST: Things We All Do That Don't Make Sense

Buzzfeed gave us 19 Things All People Do That Make Zero Sense and I LOVE this list. 

One reason is I can't believe some people actually do this. Another? I totally do some of these. So I figured I'd reveal the ones I so you can point and laugh at me hahaha. 

Here are the things I do from Buzzfeed's 19 Things All People Do That Make Zero Sense:  

4. Throwing away the box to your microwaveable meal and then fishing it out to read the instructions.

-OMG I do this ALL the time and I can not explain why! I do this for things you cook in the oven too. 

5. Checking the fridge, seeing there's no food, and then checking it again five minutes later.

- Weird thing too I do it more now that I've lost weight (and continue to lose). I usually show myself the only thing to eat is healthy food so knock it off and be hungry LOL. 

8. Stopping a microwave one second before the beeping starts.

- Not ALWAYS but often... usually actually with 7 seconds for no particular reason. 

9. Putting your songs on shuffle and then skipping 'em all until you get the one you knew you wanted to listen to.

- I feel like I should just make playlists with the one or 2 songs I'm listening to and play them to death so I'll stop. But no, that takes effort, so instead I do this which also takes effort and makes really no sense at all. 

11. Refusing to eat your food until you find the perfect show to watch.

- It's stay in date night. We've ordered food. I ask Jessi what she wants to watch and don't touch my food until a decision has been made. I must eat while watching only. I have no idea. 

19. And finally, taking multiple laps around the house or apartment while talking on the phone.

- I have always done this, even today. I pace. I have NO idea why I do this. 

Those are mine. What are yours? 

Read all of the, here: BUZZFEED

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