Dish Towels Can Make You Sick

Are your kitchen towels making you sick? A new study says they might be!

A study out of University of Mauritius finds that some dishtowels can get so gross with bacteria that they carried pathogens that could cause food poisoning. Dishtowels used by large and extended families, as well as families with children, contained even more bacteria, and what foods people ate also contributed to the bacteria. 

The study looked at 100 kitchen towels that were used for a month, and found that 49% had bacterial growth, or more specifically 36.7% grew coliform bacteria, which could include E. coli; 36.7% grew Enterococcus; and 14.3% grew staphylococcus aureus, a type of staph that can lead to serious infections.

Now... experts doubt people will really get sick, but they recommend not using dishtowels for more than one purpose, and washing them every day. 

More on this story here: CBS News

We talked about it this morning, and how guys NEVER change their bath towels. Listen below... 

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