High School Pitcher Hugs Friend He Struck Out

This is the ultimate showing of sportsmanship. 

A couple of childhood friends played against each other at a recent Minnesota high school baseball playoff game. Pitcher Ty stuck out his buddy Jack, winning the game for Ty’s team. But when his fellow teammates ran onto the field to celebrate their win, he went straight for home plate to console his friend with a hug and some words of encouragement. Ty said their friendship was more important than celebrating, and Jack said in 20 years he won't remember the score, just the moment he had with his friend.

That's the thing... ultimately it's just a game. When I think back on the sports I played in high school, I remember the life lessons and my friends, not the scores. 

This has, rightfully, gone viral. Tip of the hat to these 2. Well done. 

Watch the moment below...

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