PICS: Poison and Cheap Trick at the Amphitheater!

I was very lucky to be 5 rows from Poison and Cheap Trick last night! I actually have never sat that close so it was a super big thrill to experience 2 legendary 80s bands who still absolutely rock today!

My night began with the opener, Pop Evil. Their lead singer went off into the audience at one point which was super fun

An awesome moment for me came when their drummer, Hayley Cramer, tossed her drum sticks in to the audience at the end of the show, because I CAUGHT ONE!!! By the way... it was BEAT UP. It's amazing how hard drummers hit these things. 

After catching it, I got a tap on the shoulder from a guy named Shawn. He wanted to buy it off me for his teen son, Tristan, because it was his first concert and he's a big fan. 

I didn't take his money, because that's silly. Look man, I'm in radio... this is what we do. We connect people to awesome stuff. 

So, I gave Tristan the drum stick and asked for nothing in return.. well, expect for asking them to listen to me in the morning. That's fair LOL.

Here he is with the stick... 

Super nice kid and dad. I was so happy to hook them up!

The  Cheap Trick took the stage. Guys... they are legit amazing. They'll be at SpiedieFest in Binghamton in August and you should go. AMAZING live. 

Before Poison I got to meet these awesome peeps who listen to the show everyday, so big shout to them! 

Then the highlight of the night: Poison. We got up next to the stage for this. These guys still rock hard! 

GREAT show and great night. Hear our conversation about the drum stick and more below in today's Good Stuff... 

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