Cooking Hacks to Save Time

Cooking can save you money and be WAY healthier for you then processed, prepacked foods. 

Duh. Everyone is super busy, over stretched and exhausted though. Cooking is time consuming and sadly can be put aside for the sake of convenience. I get it... heck I do it all the time!

Buzzfeed just released a list of "16 Time Saving Cooking Hacks That Actually Work" (CLICK HERE for the full list) and 2 of them really caught my eye...  

1. "Quickly peel hard-boiled eggs by placing them in a glass with water and shaking them." OK Time out... I have NEVER thought of this. It makes total sense and I am totally trying it TODAY. I love hard boiled eggs, but they are a giant pain in the butt! This should make it easier. 

BTW, did you know you can make the eggs instead of boil them? Talk about easier! Recipe here:

2. Bake hard bananas in the oven to instantly ripen them. I had NO idea this was a thing! I don't like green bananas but often buy them so they last longer. This is an awesome tip! 

Want more tips? Click HERE for the full BuzzFeed Article

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