Riverdale Cast Helps Local Man Propose

A Syracuse man got help from the cast of the show Riverdale to propose to his girlfriend! 

Paul Esden had been dating Tatianna Davis for 4 years and they absolutely love the show Riverdale on the CW. 

So, Paul wanted to get the cast to somehow help him propose to her. 

He got a hold of Podcaster and ComicBook.com's Russ Burlingame, who covers the show and also happens to be from CNY. He used a red carpet event to get the cast to record videos for Paul’s proposal. 

Then, while the couple was at The Press Room Pub, he played the clips and proposed to Tatianna! She said yes, and you can see the video below... 

Pretty awesome of these stars to do this! Congrats to the happy couple and thank you, Paul, for calling me and sharing your good news with us! Share yours by calling 315-421-9494 or sending me an e-mail: PatMcMahon@iHeartMedia.com

More on this story here: CNYCentral.com and below... 

Listen to today's Good Stuff with Pat McMahon below... 

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