Top 3 Things Co-Workers Do to Annoy You

Everyone has an annoying co-worker. Let's be honest too: we ALL do things that annoy our co-workers too! 

Paychex did a survey of what the most annoying work behaviors are, and some of them won't surprise you AT ALL. The others? Actually might. Here's the top 3.

1. 63.7% of people say partaking in frequent gossiping.

2. 60.9% of people hate when people drop by your desk constantly throughout the day.

3. 50.6% say it's annoying when people bring pets to work. 

Wait... what?

What's wrong with pets at work? Granted... having one there constantly (especially an annoying one because sadly not all our pets are perfect LOL) could get annoying. However, I never understand people who get mad when a co-worker swings by with a dog. Honestly I've seen several studies that show having pets around the office here and there improves moral and productivity. So what's the big deal???

What else made the list? Click here:


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